Jamie and Travis first met in Journalism class while attending Wilmot High School. Jamie, a Junior, had a mad crush on Travis, a senior. Jamie was very shy, and never spoke a word to her crush. If she tried, she would turn red all over and wouldn’t be able to let out a word.

After two and a half years go by, Jamie is a freshman at UW-Milwaukee, and Travis a sophomore at UW-Whitewater. Both on winter break, they met for the first time since high school Journalism class while at a house party of mutual friends. Travis, a bit shy with the ladies himself, barely found the courage (it was probably liquid courage) to ask Jamie for her number just as she was pulling out of the driveway.

After exchanging numbers at the house party, the two would continue to talk and visit at each other’s colleges. They dated for about three months, then both went on their own paths.

Several years went by as Jamie & Travis kept on their own separate paths, until this one night. Jamie, recently broken up from a long relationship, and Travis, out on a first date. After finishing up dinner, Travis took his date to meet up with his cousins for some drinks downtown Twin Lakes, WI. What he didn’t know, was that Jamie would be going along with Lauren (Travis’s cousin, and a best friend to Jamie). The two were quite surprised to see each other, and a bit awkward since Travis was on a first date. It was this night that the fire reignited between Jamie & Travis.

Shortly after seeing each other that night, Travis couldn’t help but to pursue Jamie once again. This time would have perfect timing. They were dating once again, and eventually found themselves living happily together in Travis’s new home in Twin Lakes.


July 4, 2015 and Travis’s Golden 30th birthday party was full of surprises! A live band, a custom Patron birthday cake, and an engagement to list a few. Travis had been keeping the ring safe for about a year until he decided this was the time. With friends and family around, and the band on a break, Travis played a special Phil Vassar song and asked Jamie to dance. In the song, a recording of Travis’s voice came on and described how much Jamie meant to him, and asked her to marry him.